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Strawberries for sale at the River Walk Farmers Market.
Photos courtesy of Living Smart Foundation

Fantastic Farmers Market

Posted: 10/2/2015

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - Living Smart Foundation recently opened their ninth Farmers Market in West Sacramento on the River Walk. The market is now open every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 200 Waterfront Place. This year-round market features a healthy variety of locally certified and organic certified produce, as well as specialty gourmet food products from regional farms and small businesses.

Every Tuesday, locals and state employees from the Department of General Services from the Ziggurat (Pyramid) and the CalSTRS buildings come out in the morning and enjoy freshly brewed coffee from Bravo Coffee, a delicious pastry or two from Rosas Bakery, and some great hot food choices for lunch from Tacos Los Reyes and the Haole Pig Barbeque. Other highlights include live musical entertainment and outdoor shopping with a large selection of locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, baked goods, artisan cheeses, honey, and much more.

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City of West Sacramento Logo

Changes to Residential Parking Permits

Posted: 10/2/2015

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - Residents of West Sacramento who reside in the Washington, West Capitol, or Bridge Districts should plan to attend a future City Council meeting where this change will be voted on by the council members. Substantial changes will likely take place within the Residential Permit Parking Program.

The City of West Sacramento currently issues and manages street permits that meet a portion of the parking requirement for some areas. Eventually, they will begin to secure and improve property for surface lots that will become parking structures. Their hope is to reduce on-street parking or even eliminate it.

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Two USAF Thunderbirds Planes Nearly Touching in Flight
Rockin’ the runway at this year’s daytime shows are the spine-tingling USAF Thunderbirds, Canadian Forces Snowbirds, and USN F-18 Super Hornet military jet demonstration teams as well as world-class aerobatics, pyrotechnics, barnstorming, and miles of entertainment.
Photos courtesy of California Capital Airshow

Airshow for the Ages

California Capital Airshow Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Posted: 9/25/2015

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - It’s been 10 years, and it is time to celebrate…with a BANG! The California Capital Airshow, presented by Sacramento County in partnership with the City of Rancho Cordova, has announced the addition of the Airshow After Dark on Friday, October 2nd. The hottest ticket in town is on sale now, and tickets are expected to sell out fast!

“We’re excited to kick-off our 10th anniversary with Airshow After Dark, an exclusive nighttime Airshow,” said Darcy Brewer, executive director of the California Capital Airshow. “As the sun sets on Friday, October 2nd, the skies over Mather Airport will ignite with a feast for the senses as thrilling jets and aerobatic performers light up the sky with streaming flares, showers of colorful bursts from their wings, and thundering pyrotechnics. These phenomenal performances will be skillfully choreographed to awesome concert quality music with a fiery grand finale—it’s nothing like the Sacramento region has ever seen or heard before!”

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CAFFE Students Prepare Food
Students work to prepare a meal for the Bryte Garden Cafe.
Photos courtesy of Giorgos Kazanis

WUSD Opens Professional Culinary Program

By Isaac L. Wheeler
Posted: 9/25/2015

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - In August, the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) officially launched the Culinary Arts and Farm-to-Fork Education Program, known as CAFFE. CAFFE is located on the grounds of the old Bryte Elementary School that was closed due to low enrollment. WUSD is revitalizing the campus by repurposing it for career training.

This revitalization begins with CAFFE, but also with an ongoing construction program. Future career pathway programs will include STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering, and math), carpentry, design, bio-sciences, and health. “We want to make this site the career pathways center for the city,” said Giorgos Kazanis, the administrator of communication and community outreach for the district. The next stage of expansion is slated to be in 2017.

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Our Boys Are Back in Town

Hometown Heroes Honored in Capitol Parade

Story and photos by Susan Maxwell Skinner
Posted: 9/18/2015

Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler
Riding a hero-mobile on Capitol Mall, Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler, bask in cheers from 10,000 admirers - their actions to thwart a terror attack brought international fame for the Carmichael and Rancho Cordova-raised trio.

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos began a European vacation as ordinary tourists. The chums returned home as international heroes.

Armed with quick wits and aided by luck the Christian trio regard as divine intervention, they prevented a massacre that might have turned a train ride from Amsterdam into murder on the European express. Disabling an armed-to-the-teeth terrorist is now their legend—and probably inspiration for future movies. Meantime, France’s Legion of Honor award, TV appearances, and hero worship are their overwhelming lot.

But homecoming topped all previous thrills. “We’ve been all over the world these last couple of weeks,” an emotional Anthony Sadler said at last week’s Sacramento rally. “All the thanks we’ve received don’t compare to being in front of our home crowd like this.”

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Small Residential Rooftop Solar Ordinance added to Municipal Code

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 9/18/2015

Installer Secures Solar Panel to Residential Roof
Solar panels are installed on a residential roof.

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - One year ago, the California State Legislature adopted AB 2188. This bill serves to encourage the installation and use of solar energy systems. The California State Legislature believes that this use can be more easily accomplished by limiting the obstacles to their use and minimizing the cost of permits. Government Code section 65850.5 requires that on or before September 30th, every city and county must adopt an ordinance that creates an expedited, streamlined permitting process for small residential rooftop solar energy systems.

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Streetcar Project Update

By Isaac L. Wheeler
Posted: 9/11/2015

General Plan Update Process Seeks Community Input

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 9/11/2015

Remember 9-11

West Sacramento Man Honors the Fallen Every Year

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 9/4/2015

Governor Brown Appoints Davis Local

Posted: 9/4/2015

City Expects to Complete Joey Lopes Park by December

Posted: 8/28/2015

New Contract for Homeless Coordination

By Jan Dalske
Posted: 8/28/2015


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